"March of the Fire Ants" is the 13th episode of Pocket God and came out on April 8th, 2009. This update was released along with Ep 12: Something's Fishy.

New Features

Fire Ants

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This update added an Anthill to the Sand Island, then called Oog Island. By tapping the nest three times in a row, you could aggravate the Fire Ants inside, who then begin to swarm around the nest. Dragging a line from them to a Pygmy will cause them to swarm around the Pygmy and devour its flesh, leaving only the bones.

Magnifying Glass

Fire ants 1

Fire ants gobble up a pygmy.

Main Article: Magnifying Glass

Another interaction introduced in this episode was the Magnifying Glass. When it is daytime, you can pick up and use to burn the Pygmies or ants in a line.


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This update also added OpenFeint, an online chatting/leaderboard system that was buggy at first. OpenFeint was to be improved over the course of future updates.


  • Ironically, this episode, released along with the previous one, was the first to air in April, even if it has the word "March" in it's name.
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