Stop! My App is On Fire! is the 20th Episode of Pocket God and was released on July 3, 2009.

New Features

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Promotional artwork for this episode

This update gives the Pygmies firewood (exclusive to Rock Island) to make a campfire to cook their food and warm themselves. When the wood is toggled on, the Pygmies will walk over to it, carry it over to their fire place, and set it up. When all the wood pieces are there and the player strikes it with lightning, it will burst into flames. Now the Pygmies can cook fish and Dodo Birds over the campfire so they can have dinner, but be careful: if you leave something in the fire too long, it will be burnt and the Pygmies will choke and die if they eat it. As well as food, Pygmies can also roast a Pygmy over the fire, turning in into a Marshmallowed Pygmy.

The Underwater Area

Also, a new background is added for The Underwater Area. The background would be further changed in future episodes.

Two-Fingered Swipe

The two-fingered movements to control the water and sky went back to one finger because of technical difficulties.

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