Not to be confused with the mini-game of the same name

Ooga Jump is the 22nd episode of Pocket God and was released on August 5th, 2009.

New Features


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When you drag a Pygmy over the cloud line and drop him, it will bounce off the cloud and go high into the Sky to a new area never seen before full of different types of clouds to jump on. The player then navigates the Pygmy as they would in Doodle Jump, bouncing off of clouds to see how high (measured in oogles, which are about 1/10 of a Pygmy's height) you can get. In the sky, there are four types of cloud: normal cloud which bounces the Pygmy higher, thundercloud which lights the Pygmy on fire and shoots it higher into the sky, ice clouds which freeze the Pygmy in a block of ice and he doesn't bounce as high, and fake clouds which disappear when you jump on them. If you fail to hit a cloud, the Pygmy will go plummeting back to earth and fall flat as a pancake.


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Doodle Jump Crossover

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This episode is a crossover with Lima Sky's Doodle Jump app. As well as the name and mini-game being similar to this other app, Ooga Jump sees a guest appearance from Lima Sky's Doodler, who serves as an obstacle for the Pygmy as he reaches new heights.


For OpenFeint, new achievements were also added. Some of these concerned how high you made on in the new mini-game


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