Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down is the 24th episode of Pocket God and was released on August 19, 2009.

New Features

This episode added more idle animations to the Pygmies while they are not in use. Also it created Buddy Challenges with Open Feint. The idle features added in this update are as follows: grass skirts falling down to show underpants and a censor bar, scratching their rear, sneezing, thought bubbles, pulling the bone out of their hair and having their hair fall over their face, and beating their chest like Tarzan.

Idle Hands 2 Contest


Promotional artwork for this episode

Before Idle Hands 2 came out, Allan Dye created a mini-contest to determine what the new idles would be. Users could email Allan their idle ideas and pictures showing their ideas. Here are the winners of the contest:

  • Liam "SaintSalive" (Icon winner) - Skirt falls to ground, Pygmy picks up embarassed
  • Brandon and Derek - Thought Bubble with an item in it
  • Seth Horinouchi - Sneeze
  • Sam Greenwood - Pull bone out of hair, hair falls in face, puts it back up
  • Adam Jaffe - Beat Chest (like an ape or Tarzan)

Gallery of Idles

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