Dead Pygmy Walking is the 26th episode of Pocket God and it was released on September 17th, 2009. It is the first episode of the Horror Trilogy (the other two being Good Will Haunting and Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy).

New Features


The promotional artwork for this episode

Graveyard Island

Main article: Graveyard Island

This episode introduces Graveyard Island. It is a spooky island with a grave (explained below) and a tree with a spider web.

Zombie Pygmy

Main article: Zombie Pygmy

If you drop a Pygmy in the zombie grave and cover it with dirt, the Pygmy would be buried alive. When the ancient seal on the grave shines blue, the Pygmy will resurface as a mindless Zombie Pygmy, craving brains and flesh. The Zombie Pygmies then proceed to eat the brains of other Pygmies (turning them into Zombie Pygmies in the process.)

New Sacrifices

This episode created two new sacrifices: Brains Eaten and Buried Alive.


  • If the Zombie Pygmies dance, they will perform Michael Jackson's Thriller. A dance pack introduced in a later episode makes the zombies dance to Smooth Criminal.
  • Zombies can be destroyed in six ways: (1) get hit by lightning, (2) through an earthquake or (3) device tilting, (4) by tapping them, (5) by leaving the island and (6) by a hurricane formation.
  • Zombies can bite pygmies in some specific alternate forms.
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