Good Will Haunting is the second installment of the Horror Trilogy of episodes, also taking place on Graveyard Island. It is the 27th episode of Pocket God and came out on December 6th, 2009.

New Features


Promotional artwork for this episode

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Any time a Pygmy dies on Graveyard Island, a Ghost Pygmy will be created. Players can direct the Ghosts by dragging them across the screen and can also make the ghosts and the Pygmies interact; a ghost can possess a Pygmy, scare it to death, pick up a Pygmy and carry it away, pull a Pygmy into the ghost dimension, or make a banshee scream that shatters the eardrums of the Pygmies. To get rid of a ghost, you need to drag it into "the light"; a vortex of light in the top left of the screen.

Downloadable Content

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In addition to the ghosts, this episode created more downloadable content, such as the T-Rex Custom Pack which was added to the store.


  • The name of this episode is a pun on the movie Good Will Hunting starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck.
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