The Pyg Chill is the 29th episode of Pocket God and was released on December 4th, 2009. It is most well known for being the episode that introduced Ice Island to the Pocket God World.

New Features

Ice Island
The Pyg Chill

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Main article: Ice Island

This update added the chilly world of Ice Island, an island where the Pygmies can cook fish in the igloo, which can also fire Pygmies out of the top and side.

Ice Monster

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This update also created the Ice Monster, the boss of this island, a new boss you can battle by by flicking Pygmies at it, but it can block Pygmies and throw snow balls. Like the other bosses with spears, you use the least number of Pygmies to defeat it. The Ice Monster starts off where the volcano is located and rises up out of the water and throws snow balls at the pygmies. In order to hurt him, you have to flick pygmies at him like you are flicking them into the volcano. The tricky thing is that there are different modes to the Ice Monster, just like a traditional Boss monster, sometimes he attacks, sometimes he recharges, sometimes he can block your shots and you have to figure out his weakness to beat him. This is probably worth 1 update, we put a lot of time into him.

Holiday Skin Pack

Main article: Holiday Skin Pack

The holiday skin pack was added in this episode. The creators of the game tried to mix up the ideas a bit and not do things that are too Christmass-like, but to do things that are more associated with the holidays and the season. We made some objects into toys, candy, or ice statues. The volcano is actually Santa’s workshop. The statue is a giant nut cracker.



Furthermore, episode 29 also made it so that the game included map of the islands instead of a list, which makes it easier for the player to travel to various places and accomodates the growing number of areas. A new location is added to this map each time a new episode adds an island, but the general form added in this episode remains the same.

Technology Updates

This update featured an upgrade of the game engine to better handle the ever-growing world. Dave posted the following about it in the TouchArcade episode announcement:

"[First there's] the Dynamic Texture loading. We used to have a series of 6 1024x1024 texture atlases that contained all the graphics from the game, all mixed together in no particular order. I reorganized it so we have 4 main 1024x1024 atlases, 2 compressed, 2 16bit. Then assigned each island its own 512x512 atlas which I swap out when we load a new location. At first I wasn't sure how noticeable the load would be but it turns out that it only takes about a tenth of a second on a slow device to load it into memory.
"Then, for the skin packs, I have a custom 256x256 atlas for big skins like the trex, but for smaller skins, I just update their textures in the atlas its located in. ie, let’s say the bird is in Atlas 1. When a user switches the skin, I take all the graphics for the bird and blit it into the parts of Atlas 1 where the old bird textures are located. The only drawback to this is all the pieces of each skin need to be the same size. I will probably work around this limitation later on but this is still a pretty big step forward for us.
"The other part of the Tech update is that we are caching all the leaderboard scores and achievements until you open feint. Before we would send a message to the leaderboard every time you killed a pygmy or game it a gift, and on some devices, you would see some bad stuttering while it was updating the server. This change actually improves the framerate by a huge amount. btw, this is no fault of feint, we are simply abusing their server and using the leaderboards in a very non standard way. lol. I don’t think any other games on feint have more than 70 leaderboards in their game and send new high scores every time a character gets killed."
—Dave Castelnuovo

Christmas Theme Pack

A purchasable holiday custom pack was released with various Christmas-themed items for each island for 99 cents. This includes Christmas presents and ornaments for islands, as well as the Dodo Bird and Fish turning into a Toy Dodo and Gummy Fish, respectively.


  • The name is a play on words of the phrase, "The Big Chill."
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