Great Job Ice Hole is the 30th episode of Pocket God. It was released on January 26, 2010.

New Features

This update introduced some heat-based interactions that focus primarily on Ice Island.


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A temperature function was added to the game in this episode. If you stretch or pinch the Sun, the temperature will rise or fall, respectively. When the sun is stretched, the Pygmies will sweat from the heat wave, periodically stopping to wipe the sweat off their heads. If a Pygmy is exposed to high temperature for too long, it will catch on fire and explode. When the sun is contracted, the Pygmies will shiver violently in an effort to resist the lack of warmth. Eventually, the Pygmies will succumb to the chill and freeze into immobile ice statues that break when tapped. When the Pygmies are exposed to the hot sun while on Ice Island, they will not explode but rather burn through the island, creating a large Ice Hole.

Ice Hole


Promotional artwork for this episode

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The Ice Hole is created by toggling on the Ice Hole icon in the island menu, and then making the sun bigger. The Pygmies will overheat, but instead of exploding they will melt through the island, creating an ice hole. The hole is home to the Squid.


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The Squid can interact with the player through disputes over the Pygmies. If a Pygmy is suspended above the Ice Hole, the Ice Squid will emerge from the hole, wrap a tentacle around the Pygmy, and engage in a tug-of-war with you. If you let go of the Pygmy, the Squid will shake the Pygmy before eating it. If you tug on the Pygmy instead of giving in to the Squid, the Pygmy will become decapitated. The Squid will take the body while the player will be left with a severed head.


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If the Fishing Rod is placed near an Ice Hole, nearby Pygmies will pick up the rod and fish in the crevice. Pygmies cannot catch regular Fish from the Ice Hole; instead, they will hook dangerous Swordfish. If a Swordfish is eaten by a Pygmy, he will be impaled through the chest from the inside and drop into the water.

Ice Geyser

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If you bring a Marshmallowed Pygmy from Rock Island to Ice Island and drop it in the Ice Hole, it will create a deadly geyser that launches icicles high into the sky and rains them down on the Pygmies.

Dance Pack

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A new Downloadable Content Pack was introduced in this update, containing 8 new dances for the Pygmies, the Zombies, and the Vampire.


  • The title is a reference to the slang term "Great job, a** hole."
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