Crack is Wack is the thirty-second episode of Pocket God and it was released on May 25th, 2010.

New Features


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This update released a new mini-game called "The Runs". When a Pygmy falls through one of the cracks created by the new god power mentioned below, it will enter the Lava Tube with an echoing scream. Once there, the Pygmy will look up at where it once was, but its attention changes to a more important issue as it is burned by sizzling magma. Then this mini-game will begin. The Pygmy must run and jump from platform to platform to avoid a fiery demise from below, but some platforms crumble and sink, and others make stalactites come crashing down. If the Pygmy misses a platform, it will suffer a fiery death as its flesh is burned off of it. Also, there are patches of Bat Poo which slow you down if you hit it (the Pygmy skids and makes a funny face), and Molten Lava Rocks, which will make a Pygmy explode if it comes in contact with it. There is also a Demon that pops up randomly and follows you at a distance, and the game also includes a cool multilayer scrolling effect. The mini-game has its own music too.


Promotional artwork for this episode

New God Power

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The new god power (as referenced in the episode's name) is being able to make cracks in the island's surface, which (if a Pygmy falls through one) will enter the mini-game mentioned above. Another theory before the cracks idea was confirmed is that this lava chamber was within the volcano on Sand Island and there would be a way to keep the Pygmy inside the volcano rather than flicking three in it and having it erupt.

Ice Monster Skin Pack

Main Article: Ice Monster Skin Pack

Main Article: Ice Monster


The screenshot released on the Pocket Blog

The Ice Monster will be receiving a skin pack in this update (the first boss to do so after the Tyrannosaurus Rex). There are a couple of robots, one Voltron looking one and one hipster kid robot style one. There is also a Bear, a Pink Bunny, and a Yeti that throws poo, as the snow balls are also able to be customized. Then there is an evil snowman and a stone Aztec Monster.

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