A Pygmy A Day Keeps The Ape Away is the thirty-third episode of Pocket God, the first chapter of the ape triology and was released August 3rd, 2010. It was released a little after the released of issue 1 of the comic.

New Features

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This update introduced a new area, Ape Mountain. Also, it is the first epidode in the Ape Mountain Trilogy. On top of the mountain is a sacrifical altar, called Ape Altar, a set of bongos, a winch and two torches. In order to call the giant ape you need to go through a series of actions, similar to making the campfire on Rock Island. You have to stick Pygmies in each device, light the Torches with Lightning, wind up the winch by circling your finger around the Pygmy in the winch, and then play the Bongos. This will call the Giant Ape which will eat the Pygmy once he appears. You can also tease the Ape by adding more Pygmies into the altar and winching them up in front of the Ape. If you winch too hard, however, the Pygmy will be ripped apart, and in the Ape's rage he will crush the Pygmies sitting in the Bongos and Winch. The Ape also dances when you tap a drum beat.

Retro Gamer Skin Pack


Promotional artwork for this episode

For the skin pack in this update, there is the Retro Gamer Skin Pack, so therefore it includes elements from some old school games. In order to avoid trademark issues, the items are slightly different but recognizable. You can turn the Meteor into a Donkey Kong Barrel or a spinning Sonic, the Sand Island Statue gets turned into the Dig Dug character, the Fish is a centipede, the Igloo turns into a Pac Man ghost, the volcano turns into either a Galaga ship or Pipe from Mario, the Moon into a Space Invader, and much more.


This update includes a lot of optimizations to the app. Because of all of Pocket God's updates, the app starts up slowly and runs slowly during mini-games. Now, the startup time improved from 1 minute to 13 seconds (2-3 seconds on iPhone 4). Frame rate went from not being able to play "The Runs" at all, to having it go at a smooth 30 fps without any problems at all.


  • The island and the 3-episode story arc are tributes to Ape Entertainment, who made the Pocket God Comics.
  • The episode's name is a reference to: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".
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