Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky is the thirty-fifth episode of Pocket God and was released on the 30th of October, 2010. It added the ability to create rainbows, particularly a Double Rainbow, a featuring that is referencing the famous "Double Rainbow" viral video.


Pocket God Update Message:

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A new godly phenomenon is appearing over the islands...OMG its a double rainbow! All the way across the sky! What does this mean? Of course we are parodying the famous viral video...although we always meant to get to rainbows. Of course, originally, we were thinking small with just a SINGLE rainbow. Instead, you can draw your own double rainbow across the sky and watch the pygmies freak out repeating some of the funniest catch phrases.


Promotional artwork for this episode

God Power

A new god power is added: Rainbows. Dragging your finger across the sky when the rainbow icon is toggled on creates a double rainbow. If a Pygmy is present, it will freak out and say something, or it will stare in awe. If there is more than one Pygmy, only one will freak out and the others will just stare at the rainbow. If thunderclouds are present while you draw the double rainbow, it will start raining.


Medieval Skin Pack

Also introduced in this episode is a new skin pack: the Medieval Skin Pack. As well as the classic items you can change, it includes medieval extras for the islands, such as bricks and weapons.

Menu System

The Menu System now has text next to the labels to explain the menu items. The text can be toggled on and off.


  • Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

    Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

    The viral video that this episode was inspired by

    The episode's name and the things the Pygmies say when they see the rainbow are a reference to a viral video in which a man looks at a double rainbow.
    • According to Bolt Creative, they had always planned to add rainbows, except a single one. It was changed to a double rainbow to be a reference to the viral video.
  • When the episode's name appears on the start of the game, it has blue, red and a bit of yellow on it's borders, instead of just blue. This is obviously referencing the rainbow.
  • This is first time the Pygmies have ever had voice-acting (according to Bolt Creative, the Pygmies are only lip-syncing in the Pocket God Update Song).
  • It is the only episode to interrupt a trilogy, in this case the Ape Trilogy.
  • Charlie has his own Double Rainbow quote.
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