Not to be confused with the animal of the same name or the mini-game of the same name.

Konkey Dong is the 36th episode of Pocket God and the last of the Ape Trilogy. It was released on the 21st of December 2010. This episode adds a new mini-game called Konkey Dong and a new ape called Konkey Dong to the Pocket God World.


New Features


Promotional artwork for this episode

The new feature added in this episode is an Ape Idol next to the Banana Tree and if you stick a Pygmy in it, an Ape kidnaps him and causes a second Pygmy to try and rescue him via the game. Dave said on his "State of the Island" that Konkey Dong is the most ambitious game that they've done so far, as it has 5 different levels and the game play gets harder the farther you get.

Konkey Dong

Main Article: Konkey Dong (Mini-Game)

The aim of the mini-game is to get to the top of the mountain where konkey dong is. Konkey Dong will roll barrels down the mountain. To dodge them you can jump over them or climb up a ladder. But be careful, the barrels can roll down ladders too! When you reach the caged pygmy, Konkey Dong grabs the caged and goes up into another level.

Japanese Skin Pack

The skin pack in this update is the Japanese skin pack, which includes Japanese themed items like a Karate Doodler, a balled up sumo Meteor, and a sushi Fish.

"Fishmas" Customization Pack

Main Article: Fishmas

As stated on the Pocket Blog, the Pygmies technically have never heard of Christmas as they live in prehistoric times (and presumably because not everyone celebrates it) so they do not clearly celebrate said holiday. However, because its that time of year, the programmers wanted to do something special in light of the holidays, so they invented the holiday of Fishmas and created an animated short as a holiday card and free Fishmas Pack. For those who celebrate hanukkah, In the greeting card it also mentions hanucocanut. Both the pack and the animated short contain the Pygmies singing a Fishmas carol.


  • The name of this episode is inspired by the gorilla "Donkey Kong" in the Nintendo universe, with the first two letters of the gorilla's name switched around to make the name of this episode.
  • There is also a glitch in this episode that allows you to rip the head off a pygmy .
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