This is a walkthrough for Ep 47: Apocalypse, Ow!. This page was copied from Pocket_God_Episode_47:_Apocalypse_Ow!_Walkthrough, to link it to the episode. The original page has been put up for deletion.

1. Enter The Closet Room

2. Drop the Pygmy on Thetan meter

3. Power Thetan Meter (tap below meter once)

4. Cause Pygmy to explode Thetans (tap below meter twice)

5. Drag Thetan

6. Possess Pygmy with Thetan (drag thetan to pygmy)

7. Exorcise Thetan from Pygmy (tap possessed pygmy)

8. Pygmy Gets Depressed

9. Thetans fly away

10. Slide Closet Door

11. Open the closet door all the way

12. Tom slams closet door

13. Thetan holds closet door open (slide door when thetans are floating around)

14. Rescue Tom from Closet

15. Put Pygmy in Closet

16. Place Pygmy on Couch

17. Tom Jumps on Couch

18. Tom Jumps off Couch

19. Tom says, "your Glib!"

20. Tom says,"You Complete Me"

21. Tom’s crazy crazy laugh

22. Tom says "Show me the money"

23. Tom says "i want the truth"

24. Tom says "psychiatry is a pseudo-science"

25. Tom cares "very very very very much"

26. Tom says "I feel the need for speed"

27. Tom is brought to Apocalypse Temple entrance

28. Open Apocalypse Clock Secret Door

29. Enter Xenus Altar

30. Bring Tom to Xenu Alter

31. Tom says "Where's my Baby?"

32. Bring Baby to Xenu Altar

33. Baby wants his "Da-Da!"

34. Place baby in Tom's Arms

35. Make Tom drop baby (poke tom when he is holding the baby)

36. Tom Transforms baby into Xenu

37. Set off Apocalypse

38. Put Pygmy on Xenu's right tentacle

39. Put Pygmy on Xenu's left Tentacle

40. Xenu tosses pygmy in mouth like popcorn

41. Xenu stripes flesh off Pygmy

42. Place half Pygmy in Right Tentacle (use Charlie for this)

43. Place half Pygmy in Left Tentacle (use Charlie for this)

44. Xenu performs a puppet show with half pygmies

45. Xenu eats half pygmy

46. Drag apocalypse thetans!

47. Possess Pygmy with angry thetan

48. Exorcise Angry Thetan from Pygmy

49. Possessed Pygmy jump normal pygmy

50. Possessed Pygmy eats another pygmy's face

51. Possessed Pygmy pummels pygmy

52. Possessed Pygmy jumps off

53. Possessed Pygmies brawl

54. Possessed pygmy throws punch

55. Possessed Pygmy gets punched

56. Possessed Pygmies slap fight

57. Spawn aqua time gem (put pygmy on stand)

58. Spawn green locust gem (poke the locust team)

59. Spawn purple dance gem (drag balloons)

60. Spawn the yellow plague gem (put pygmy in plague fountain)

61. Spawn blue purification gem (put pygmy in purification fountain)

62. Spawn the red thetan gem (put pygmy on Thetan meter)

63. Spawn silver Xenu gem (feed pygmy to Xenu...right tentacle)

64. Place gem on wrong pedestal

65. Get rid of gem (drop gem like you would pygmy)

66. Place aqua time gem on time pedestal (bottom left)

67. Place green locust gem on locust pedestal (bottom right)

68. Place purple dance gem on dance pedestal (middle left)

69. Place the yellow plague gem on plague pedestal (middle right)

70. Place blue purification gem on the purification pedestal (top left)

71. Place red closet gem on the closet pedestal (top right)

72. Place silver gem on the Xenu Pedestal (top)

73. Girl Pygmy, Sun, arrives

74. Sun snached by Xenu at last minute

75. Apocalypse averted. World still exists.


This walkthrough was created by user 4Ever3rUrAng3l and formatted by this IP address. Other editors also edited the original walkthrough, which can be found on the page's revision history.

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