Jump the Shark was the 8th episode of Pocket God was released on February 26, 2009. This episode took place on Sand Island, like all the episodes preceding it.

New Features

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This update took place in the waters of Pocket God, nothing any episode before it had done. This update was also fully user-suggested - a shark was added to the water. As he swam by, you could pick him up and drop him on Pygmies' heads to have him eat them while the unfortunate Pygmy ran around in panic. For more, see shark.

Consecutive Shark Snaps

Shark 1

The Shark: The Pygmies' newest enemy

If you held a Pygmy above the water, you could use him as shark bait. The shark would jump up and try to pull him in, but you could pull the Pygmy away at the last minute and see how many times you could tease the shark without the Pygmy getting eaten. Later, this was turned into a mini-game of Consecutive Shark Snaps.


  • As well as introducing the shark, this episode was also the pioneer episode for water interactions (excluding the ever-present flicking and drowning abilities).
  • Coincidentally, this episode has the same name as an episode of Happy Tree Friends, a black comedy flash animation series.
  • "Jump the Shark" is an actual idiom. When a television show drops in quality until it is beyond recovery, the show has jumped the shark.
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