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Two of the Evil Robots

Evil Robots from Another Dimension (shortened to Evil Robots) are the main antagonists of the mini-game A-Hole in Time from Pocket God: Journey To Uranus.


To get to the mini-game you must have the alien Neeboo suck a Pygmy into his ship. The mini-game will begin and there is a spacehole where Neeboo shoots Pygmies into to battle the robots who come out of it. As the game progresses, it is harder to kill the robots and new robots appear.


A section of the help menu showing two of the types of robots and Neeboo

Known Robots

  • Blue Octopus - As seen in the picture to the right, the Blue Octopus robot has three yellowish-green eyes, two horns, and five robotic tentacles
  • Red Robot - The most common robot in the mini-game, the one-eyed Red Robot has a cylindrical body and four limbs with claws on them, is able to shot.
  • Green Robot - The Green Robot has rows and rows of teeth, two red eyes, and two lower limbs. When you destroy the green robot, it splits into two red robots.
  • Pink Star Robot - The Pink Star robot appears as a orange/pink four-tipped star with four eyes and sharp teeth. Surrounding the robot is a purple sizzling pink electricity and four blue circles. This robot leaves a pink line that must be destroyed during that 'dimension'. If not, the pink line can destroy Neeboo when he passes through the hole.
  • Purple robot - looks like an spider moves back and forth shoting and protected by an energy line.
  • Yellow robot - has a realy big eye it is impossible to hit unless if it is spining.


  • The Evil Robots and the Red Dragons are the main villains of “Journey to Uranus”.

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