An example player's Experience bar at Level 20. When the yellow reaches the end of the bar, the player will move up to Level 21.

Experience is a feature exclusive to Pocket God Facebook. It marks the amount of experience the player has in playing the game.



As of Facebook Ep. 16: Pocket God, experience will appear as tangible gold items on the island and fly up to the counter

Experience is awarded when a Pygmy is sacrificed, when a quest or challenge is completed, and when it is claimed from wall posts. Once the player has hoarded a certain amount of experience, he or she will progress to a higher level.


Depending on which idol is active, the amount of Experience awarded may be tampered. The Idol of Wisdom, the All-Knowing Idol, and the Almighty Idol all award double the amount of Experience gained per sacrifice while the Bloodthirsty Idol awards no Experience.

Rival Gods

When a player defeats a Rival God, s/he will gain a preset amount of Experience depending on the intensity of their participation. Rival God Idols double Experience, albeit only when certain conditions are met.

Experience Per Sacrifice

The following table exhibits the amount of experience awarded for each sacrifice when the Basic Idol is used.

Sacrifice Experience Reward
Drop Pygmy in Abyss 2
Kill Pygmy with Gravity 1
Strike Pygmy with Lightning 2
Summon a Hurricane 1
Pygmy eats Torch under a New Moon 1
Burn Pygmy with torch fire 1
Pygmy dies by dancing too vigorously 1
Crush Pygmy with Hailstone 2
Flick Pygmy into the Volcano 3
Pygmy burns to death from lava eruption 1
Flick Pygmy 2
Drop Pygmy in the Tar Pit to drown 3
Pygmy pulled into Tar Pit by Skeleton Arm 3
Behead Pygmy with the Tar Pit 3
Kill Pygmy with Geyser 1
Catapult Pygmy with Coconut Tree 1
Feed Pygmy to the Christmas Tree 5
Kill Pygmy with Gift Box 6
Pygmy melted by Venus Flytrap acid 3
Pygmy gobbled by Venus Flytrap 2
Pygmy devours Bomb Fruit from the Bomb Cactus 2
Pygmy drowns from panicking thanks to bomb shrapnel 2
Knock Pygmy off island with bomb explosion 1
Give a Pygmy the Shark Hat 3
Scare Pygmy into the water with a Shark 1
Feed Pygmy to Shark 3
Make Pygmy waterski from Fishing 2
Dodo Bird carries Pygmy away 3
Suffocate Pygmy with either the St. Patrick Fridge or the Cocodrink Fridge 2
Swarm Pygmy with Fire Ants 3

Feed Pygmy Magic Mushrooms

Pygmy loses duel 2
Pygmy loses final duel 5
Pygmy beheaded like a pinata 4
Pygmy surprised and devoured by Spider Mine 4
Drop Pygmy in Spider Mine hole 3
Pygmy dragged into Spider Mine hole



  • Experience is the only form of currency that cannot be lost.