Say Your Prayers is the eleventh episode of Pocket God Facebook. It was released on November 24, 2011 and adds Thanksgiving-themed items to the game

New Features

The main new feature was the additon of the new animal power, the Chubby Turkey. Also, a new global challenge was issued for Thanksgiving, The Harvester. The goal is to sacrifice Pygmies by using the Chubby Turkey.

Chubby Turkey

Chubby Turkey flying

The Chubby Turkey

Main article: Chubby Turkey

The Chubby Turkey is a new animal, introduced with the Thanksgiving theme of this episode. It is a bird and acts much the same as the Dodo Bird. When you buy this power, a turkey will fly by periodically. Strike the turkey with lightning and it will fall to the island, whereupon a hungry Pygmy will eat it. When this happens, revenge is swift, and two new turkeys fly to the island, and peck their Pygmy tormentors to death. The turkeys then travel to the opposite side of the island, pecking whatever unfortunate Pygmy is in their path. When they reach the end of the island, they will fly away, and the cycle begins all over again.


Main article: Wishbone

Wishbones can be sent to your friends at the cost of 1 Bone. It restores 8 Devotion upon usage.

Other Changes

Devotion Overflow Picture by Gregory Exploit
This episode introduced the ability to go over maximum Devotion by buying Puny Soul Potions and Reaper Potions. Answering graces also contributes to the devotion overflow. However, gift potions and the Armageddon Potion do not increase devotion.

Also released with this update were 5 new Customization items. They are the Amerindian Feathers, War Bonnet, Iroquois Hair, Amerindian Shirt, and Amerindian Skirt.

Global Challenge: "The Harvester"

Main article: The Harvester

As this episode was released on Thanksgiving, a global challenge was released: The Harvester. The goal is to sacrifice 550,000 Pygmies in the following five days with the Chubby Turkey. As of November 29, 2011, there were over 400,000 sacrifices. The loot to share is 2250000 Experience and 22500000 Sacrifice Coins.


  • This is the first Thanksgiving-themed update to the game.

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