Wrath of the Frightened is the fourteenth episode of Pocket God Facebook. It was released March 29, 2012.


The player may now challenge Rival God up to 6 times in increasingly difficult challenges. Every challenge won gives you an upgraded idol. In addition, 3 new boosts were added to the game. Due to a bug fix, the player's idol will be reset to the default one. The player can simply put back the idol of his/her choice without any loss.

New Features

When the Rival Gods were originally introduced to Pocket God Facebook, performing multiple sacrifices of the same type repeatedly would anger one of the rival gods, who would then “challenge” you to sacrifice a specified number of pygmies within a certain time period. Each god has a different number of sacrifices that they require, and if you want, you can invite a friend to help you. Once you complete the challenge, you will have gained victory and an the idol. But this was changed in Facebook Ep. 14: Wrath of the Frightened: the player can now keep going with new challenges for the same idol, only a level higher. This time around, the player has to sacrifice more pygmies within the same time period. The player can keep going as far as the level five idol to gain more Pocket God Facebook rewards.

To check your status with various idols, click on the star icon under the “Friends” tab. This will show you the gallery of idols that you’ve won. The number of lights under each idol shows what level you’ve achieved. If the idol is listed as “Unknown God”, that only means you haven’t angered the god in question yet. The player can keep trying different types of sacrifices to see what idols you get. For example, if you succeed in the challenge of the coconut tree trap, you can obtain an idol.


  • The Beast of the Abyss is present on the title card.
  • The title of this episode is a parody on the 2012 movie "Wrath of the Titans." This movie is the sequel to "Clash of the Titans," which Pocket God on Facebook previously parodied in their second episode: Facebook Ep. 2: Clash of the Frightened. Thus, the game released an episode for both films replacing the word "titans" with "frightened."

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