Pocket God, antisocial is the first episode of Pocket God on Facebook. It was released for closed beta testing on November 10, 2010 along with Ep 36: Konkey Dong of the original version Pocket God. It was released to the public on December 23, 2010 on the social networking site Facebook.


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This first episode has included a lot of old things that are in the original pocket god including the shark, the Palm Tree (known now as the Coconut Tree) and the volcano. But some new items were introduced like Female Pygmies and the Bomb Cactus that bears Bomb Fruit. This first episode simply started the Pocket God series on Facebook, and gave minimal items to purchase with Pocket Change and Sacrifice Points.

List of Features


What happens if phone is tilted

The following is a list of items as of this episode. For a more updated list, please visit Pocket God Facebook.

God Powers:







Bloodthirsty Idol unlocked in this episode


  • In the title card, it shows an Iceberg on the right side, but, in the actual game, there are no icebergs what-so-ever.
  • The name of this episode is, of course, very ironic, as the game is quite social: the player is able to post on friend's walls, spawn and sacrifice friends, etc.