Kiss Your Ants Goodbye is the 6th episode of Pocket God Facebook. It was released April 21, 2011, and so far has not officially been announced on the Pocket Blog. It adds a feature of the original Pocket God game as well as various Easter-themed items.

New Features

The main new feature of this game is the addition of a new animal power, the deadly Fire Ants, which thus come in the Ant Hill. Also, a new worldwide challenge was issued. In addition, in time for Easter, a new challenge known as Chocoro the Bunny was issued. The goal is to feed Pygmies Easter Egg, a temporary replacement of the Coconut. Lastly, Chocolate Treats (the Easter equivalent of Valentine Treats) were added to give your friends. You can treat your friends with some Devotion Boosting for 2 Pocket Change.

Fire Ants

Main article: Fire Ant

This update added a new animal, Fire Ants, to the game. The fire ants are basiclly the same as in Pocket God, but with better animation when they kill Pygmies. You click the Ant Hill two times then drag you cursor around the screen and the Fire Ants will follow. Make them follow to the Pygmy then they will swarm the Pygmy and kill him/her and leave the Pygmy's bones.

Easter Egg

Main Article: Easter Egg For the holiday of Easter, the Coconuts on the Coconut Tree are turned into Easter Eggs. They have the same functionality as the Coconut does, just a different appearance.

Global Challenge

Rabbit God
Main article: Chocoro the Bunny

As such, a new challenge known as Chocoro the Bunny was added. The goal of this challenge was to feed 250,000 Pygmies half of the easter egg for one point. The loot to share is 1250000 XP Points and 25000000 Sacrifice Points.


Chocolate Treats

Main article: Chocolate Treat

The Chocolate Treat is an item you can give to your friends for 2 Pocket Change. They will restore 8 Devotion Points. The Chocolate Treats returned to the Pocket God Facebook game for a limited time as part of a small 2012 Easter event, serving the same purpose as they did in this episode.

Title Card

The title card shows a Pygmy holding an ant farm (which looks like the island) with a small Pygmy inside being killed by Fire Ants. In addition, the ant farm in the title screen shows one chamber containing a top hat similar to the one atop the St. Pat Fridge.


  • This episode brings the fourth worldwide challenge in Pocket God Facebook.
  • It is the first episode to have a Easter theme.
  • It is the second episode to primarily introduce an animal, the first being Facebook Ep. 3: The Birds.