Supersize PygMe is the seventh episode of Pocket God Facebook. It was released on May 13, 2011.

New Features

The main feature added were the Magic Mushrooms, which the player can buy and feed to his or her Pygmies, and then watch as events unfold. Remember that one fungus is good, but two fungi are bad. It is also notable to point out that this episode, while adding a new Rival God challenge, does not include a global challenge, which the previous episodes have.

Magic Mushrooms

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Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 10.04.43 PM

The new Purple Mushroom with its three Magic Mushrooms

This update added a new food, the Magic Mushrooms, which grow on the Purple Mushroom. They cost 4,000 Sacrifice Points or 9 Pocket Change. It grows in 2 hours and withers after 7 days. When a Pygmy eats the mushroom, they will grow in size, becoming a Giant Pygmy. Eating another will kill said Pygmy. This killing of Pygmies would summon The Smuck, a new Rival God.

Giant Pygmy

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Umm... awkward. I'm gonna go jump off a cliff.

As mentioned before, if a Pygmy eats a Magic Mushroom, he or she will rapidly increase in size to gargantuan proportions, becoming a Giant Pygmy. The Giant Pygmy is the same as the other Pygmies, and most interactions that work for normal Pygmies work for them (for more, go to Giant Pygmy).

Deal of the Day

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The “Deal of the Day” is a feature, technically added in the previous episode, that helps the player earn Facebook Credits. With Deal of the Day, players can order real-world goods and services for their life away from torturing Pygmies, and by doing so will earn Facebook Credits that can be used to purchase in-game items for Pocket God on Facebook.

Title Card

The title card, and the episode's features in general, are a mockery of the Super Mario series. The title card shows a Pygmy hitting a block with a question mark on it and out pops a Magic Mushroom. It shows a Venus Flytrap in front of the Pygmy and three Fire Ants behind the Pygmy. There is also a Volcano in the background. The title card also says "1985-2011" under the Pocket God logo, the first date of which is when Super Mario Bros. was created.


  • The name of the episode is a spoof on the documentary "Supersize Me"
  • The title screen and mushroom power is most likely a spoof of Super Mario video games