Fail Boat At Daytime

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The Fail Boat is a scrapped location in Pocket God. It was introduced in Ep 48: Call of Booty, and is only visible in Story Editor.


The Fail Boat has a long wooden plank with vines strapped ontop of it, and three large turtle shells underneath with wooden poles coming out of the sockets. There is also a sail in the front of the Fail Boat.


  • It is, so far, the only scrapped area.
  • The Fail Boat has actual movement unlike the other areas found in Pocket God.
  • It is one of the most broken areas in the game, with things such as Pygmies drowning in nothing.
  • The boat's appearance resembles the boat that Sun and the boy tribe used in A Quest Called Tribe, specifically issue 10.
  • You can only go to this area through Story Mode as of now.
Fail BoaT WAT