Famous last words 1

The Famous Last Words 1 quest.

Famous Last Words 1 is a quest in Pocket God Facebook.


The message of the mission is:

Can you discover what happpened to pygmies who uttered these last words?


The objective of the mission is to guess what sacrifices the sentences describe: "I'd rather make friends with Mr. Boney than losing my head.", "Hmm... I'm stuffed. I can't eat another bite. Ok, just one more.", and "Weee, I'm going to Oz."

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A total of 15 pygmies have to be sacrificed with the Tar Pit, Magic Mushrooms, and the Hurricane. For the Tar Pit, the Skeleton Arm must drag the Pygmy in. Simply dropping one in or beheading one does not work. For the Magic Mushrooms you must get the same Pygmy to eat 2 mushrooms to complete it. If completed, the player receives 750 Experience and 2000 Sacrifice Coins.


  • In the new version, the text says "Yahoo! Oz, here I come!"

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