Fast Booga

Fast Pygmy

The Fast Pygmy is a type of Pygmy that can be created in the Chamber of Time. The player was able to create Fast Pygmies as of Ep 43: Killing Time.

Physical Appearance

The Fast Pygmy looks like the normal pygmy. The only difference is that the Fast Pygmy is moving his body very quickly (as if he were hyperactive). It is possible that he moves through time differently, as opposed to hyperactivity. This is supported by the strange sound made when moving, and the near-instantaneous movement.


Fast Pygmies can´t do many things that normal pygmies do. The following list is provided of their inabilities.

If a Fast Pygmy is flicked to the volcano it will erupt without 2 more pygmies flicked. If a Fast Pygmy is flicked to the Ice Monster, it will receive more damage.

If infected or purificated, he will die faster than a normal Pygmy. And he spreads the plague faster.


Fast Pygmies speak a few lines like:

  • "Today, I'm going to be sacrificed!"
  • "Boy, am I really sick of being sacrificed!"
  • "Woohooo!"
  • "Andale, Andale, Ariba, Ariba!"


  • The fast pygmy's quote "Andele, Andale, Ariba, Ariba!" is a reference to Speedy Gonzales.