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Mutant Pygmy

The fattest pygmy type yet!

A Fat Pygmy is a pygmy that has swallowed a swarm of locusts. The result is a pygmy that has blown up to about twice its size, due to all of the insects buzzing around inside him. It was introduced in Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm.

Physical appearance

A Fat Pygmy looks like a regular pygmy, except it has a distended body from the locusts it contains.

Making a Mutant Pygmy

Go to the Chamber of Locusts. Feed a pygmy or two to the Locust Queen, then press on her belly. Locusts will fly out and buzz around the room. Drag a line from the air to in front of a Pygmy head. The locusts will fly in a swarm into the Pygmy's mouth, and he'll expand like a balloon.


  • Poking a Fat Pygmy will "squash it like a bug". Green ichor flies in all directions.
  • Fat Pygmies are immune to most interactions, like the meteor and gravity.


  • A stray locust will fly out of the Fat Pygmy's mouth or bottom every few seconds. The Fat Pygmy will otherwise sit there and blink occasionally until squashed.


  • If you leave a Fat Pygmy alone for a while, it will start making farting noises.
  • The Fat Pygmy looks identical to the one in the icon of Ep 2: Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat?.
  • The Fat Pygmy is the only inctance of force-feed in Pocket God.
  • It is strange that the Fat Pygmy does not spew blood instead of green liquid.
  • In future updates the fat pygmy may be able to crush Pygmies.

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