Father Fishmas is a global challenge on Pocket God Facebook. It was released with Facebook Ep. 12: White Fishmas in honor of the Christmas holidays. Father Fishmas can now be beaten more than once due to a new update.


Father Fishmas is a Pygmy-type shaped god with a Santa Claus outfit complete with a red Santa hat with a trailing end with a white ball of fluff on the end. He has black boots, large black mittens, and light green facial hair and beard. A red and white pole with a gold ball on the end is behind him. He doesn't have a nose.


The player must purchase the idol of the Father Christmas idol from the store, which has a clump of mistletoe on top of the golden sphere on the pole. Thus, this is how the player is able to get the Pygmies to kiss under the mistletoe and thus complete the quest. His challenge is:

Spread the love for Fishmas! Get the Father Fishmas idol from the store;

there's mistletoe on it!

Father Fishmas's challenge is make a male and female Pygmy kiss under the mistletoe 1,000,000 times in 118 hours. The loot to share is 3000000 Experience and 30000000 Sacrifice Coins.


When Father Fishmas was defeated, players who participated in the challenge received 3 Candy Canes (usually the player would receive an idol, but there was no idol to receive as the player had to buy the Father Fishmas idol previously in order to complete the quest in the first place.) As well as the Candy Canes, partcipants each got a share of the Experience and Sacrifice Coins loot depending on how much they contributed to the victory.


  • This global challenge was many firsts for the global challenges. For the first time, the challenge screen is decorated for the holiday in which the god is themed: the challenge screen has red ribbons, snow, palm tree fronds, and different colored Bomb Fruits as decoration. Secondly, it is the first challenge in which the player buys the idol first in order to complete the quest: usually, the idol would be the reward at the end of the quest.