Fire Ants devouring a Pygmy in Pocket God

Fire Ants are small insects that first appeared in Ep 13: March of the Fire Ants and is exclusive to Sand Island. They were added to Pocket God Facebook in Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye.


The Fire Ant is red color, has six legs, and reddish-brown eyes. They inhabit the Ant Hill and will swarm around it when the anthill is tapped.

Pocket God

Fire Ants only appear on Sand Island when the Ant Hill icon is toggled on. When toggled on, an anthill will appear (as well as a magnifying glass). Tapping it several times will disturb the colony, making them swarm around their nest. If you move your finger across the screen from the ant hill, the Fire Ants will follow the trail. If you hold the magnifying glass over them, they will be incinerated.

If a Pygmy is in the trail of the marching Fire Ants, they will swarm all over it and eat its flesh, leaving only its skeleton behind. The Fire Ants will return to the ant hill once they've followed their trail, and if they've eaten a Pygmy, one will take the bone from its hair and carry it back to the anthill.

Pocket God Facebook

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 7.23.24 PM

Ants swarming the anthill in the Facebook version

Fire Ants were added to Pocket God Facebook in Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye. They must be bought with 1,000 Sacrifice Coins. To disturb the colony, you must click it two or three times (depending on the amount of ants you want to swarm). If you drag the nest, a trail of ants will follow.

If you drag the ants to Pygmies, the player can watch the Pygmy get devoured (like on the iOS version). The Rival God that represents the Fire Ants is the The Skull Army.

Giant Ants

If a big pigmy (which has eaten a magic mushroom) is attacked by ants, the ants will appear double the size.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump

In Pocket God: Ooga Jump, these fire ants appear as an obstacle. A huge hanging magnifing glass is also there and the player has to tilt the device and bring it over their anthill so that it turns orange and it explodes.

If it is not destroyed, and the player procceds, the ants catch the Pygmy and he dies, making you lose!

Gallery of Fire Ants (Facebook Version)


How to use the Fire Ants in Pocket God Facebook01:00

How to use the Fire Ants in Pocket God Facebook

How to use Fire Ants in Pocket God Facebook

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