The Fire Dragon flying across the screen

The Fire Dragon is a dragon in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus that was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo.


The Fire Dragon is a red beast that has a yellowish-orange colour under its wings. The fire dragon also has black spikes and eyebrows.


When it is night on Uranus, the fire dragon appears. The fire dragon will fly back and forth across the screen. Wherever you place your finger on the screen is wherever the dragon shoots fireballs. If these fireballs hit Pygmies, they will burst into flame and die.


  • It is one of three types of Dragon, the other two being the Red Dragon and the Green Dragon
  • While it is considered a different type of Dragon, it may be the same species as the Red Dragons (it is coloured identically to Red Dragons and is equally hostile to pygmies). However, it is clearly different to the other Red Dragons as it is nocturnal, has no rider, can breath fire (which Red Dragons show no sign of being able to do) and is larger.