Klik's Fish-Slap

A fish-slap in the Fishmas video

A Fish-Slap or Fish Slap is an interaction available in Pocket God. All fish-slapping does is annoy the Pygmies. Fish-slaps can only sacrifice pygmies if the fish is a shark, but this is referred to as a shark smack. As the name suggests, a fish-slap is generally a slap on a Pygmy's face caused by a fish with humorous results.


Pocket God

In the Pocket God game, the player is able to perform a fish-slap by levitating a fish, and then swiping it across a pygmy's face. The result of this is an annoyed grunt by the pygmy himself.

Pocket God Comics

There is not a lot of fish-slapping shown in the comics, however, a similar act was demonstrated in Issue 2. After the pygmies were hit by a huge tsunami wave, Nooby tries to "save" Booga by giving him air, but instead Booga slaps Nooby in the face with a jellyfish, disgusted.

Pocket God Fishmas Special

In the Fishmas animated-short, the fish-slap was demonstrated by Klik as he throws a fish at Ooga, smacking him in the face. Booga laughs at this, amused at the violence.