The Fishmas Skin Pack is a Customization Pack released with Ep 36: Konkey Dong. It was released in honor of the holidays, and in particular the Pygmy holiday of Fishmas. Unlike the other customization packs (which cost 99 cents) the Fishmas Skin Pack is free.


The customizational abilities are the following:


The player can turn the Pygmies Regular Dance into the Fishmas Carol, which involves the Pygmies carolling with a lyric sheet in from of them. When the carol is over, they take out a Fish and eat it. Then, if the player continues the dance, they wish the player a Happy Hanucoconut and then eat a Coconut. The 2011 update to this skin pack came in Ep 42: Bone Soup, during which the Fishmas pack received addition of the Pygmies singing the "Twelve Days of Fishmas" song. The Twelve days of Fishmas was celebrating Christmas in 2011. The lyrics are:

12 Days of Fishmas Sneak Preview of

12 Days of Fishmas Sneak Preview of

"...On the twelfth day of Fishmas the gods bestowed on me,
Twelve sharks a-zapping,
Eleven ghosts a-haunting,
Ten piranhas chewing,
Nine monkeys ripping,
Eight T-rex molars,
Seven double rainbows,
Six electrocutions,
Five body parts,
Four dodo turds,
Three pygmies fried,
Two rotten fish,
And brain damage from a coconut tree..."

Sand Island Statue

The Sand Island Statue is turned into a Fishmas Tree, which somewhat resembles the Pine Tree but is mostly just an average Christmas Tree. It is decorated by different colored fish which hang from its limbs, and the star on the top appears to be a starfish.


The Moon is changed to a Fishmas Moon, which appears as a sparkling light in the sky with purple rays of light coming out from it. This appears in the Fishmas Special, but the sparkling light in the sky turns out to be a Meteor which lands on the island and crushes Klik.


  • It is the only free skin pack.
  • The Fishmas Carol is the only way to make Charlie eat something. (Besides him eating in the igloo).