Flight Lessons

The Flight Lessons quest.

Flight Lessons is a quest in Pocket God Facebook.


This is the message available for this mission.

They say that if a pygmy concentrates hard enough, maybe, just maybe, he'll fly. How guillible[sic]!


The objective of the mission is to sacrifice a total of either 60 or 75 Pygmies using three different types of sacrifices. The quest details depend on whether the quest were completed before or after the intermission. Before the intermission, 25 Pygmies must be killed per sacrifice fashion. After the intermission, the number was lowered to 20 per sacrifice type. Pygmies must be sacrificed using the Coconut Tree Trap, the Geyser, and Flicking. If completed before the intermission, the player will receive 2250 Sacrifice Coins and 250 Experience (if completed before the intermission). If completed after the intermission, the player will receive [citation needed].


  • One word of the message is spelled wrong: "guillible". The correct spelling is "gullible".

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