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Pocket God

These questions pertain to Pocket God itself, its spin-off, its online counterpart, the comics and animation based on it, the Android/Verizon versions, and related merchandise.

Pocket God iOS

Main article: Pocket God

When is the next Pocket God update coming out?

If you just wait patiently, an update won't be far away. All of the people working to make Pocket God are not robots! It takes them time to make updates!

Pocket God JTU

Main article: Pocket God: Journey To Uranus

Why aren't there as many updates as the iOS version?

Bolt Creative has stated that JTU is a spin-off, not a sequel, of Pocket God. The limited number of updates is because of their dedication to Pocket God instead of JTU.

Pocket God Facebook

Main article: Pocket God Facebook

Why is the Facebook version different from the original?

Pocket God Facebook is updated by Frima Studio, not Bolt Creative. They attempt to create an atmosphere unlike that of Pocket God.

Pocket God Comics

Main article: Pocket God Comics

Which Pygmy is Linsee and which one is Toola?

The blond fashionista is Toola and the redhead is Linsee.

Pocket God Animation

Main article: Pocket God Fishmas Special

Why is Booga wearing a grass skirt instead of his rag?

I think they may have either decided on him wearing that or they may have mistaken. The rough sketches were turned to cleaned up art by Scott Martin from Peach Nova. That can be possibly another reason.

Pocket God on Android, Verizon, and Windows Phone 7

Main article: Pocket God

Why isn't my edition updating as frequently?

The Android and Verizon versions are updated by ngmoco, a separate company.

The Pocket Shop

Main article: The Pocket Shop

Is this a scam?


Pocket God Wiki

These questions refer to Pocket God Wiki.

How do I become a sysop/bureaucrat/administrator at Pocket God Wiki?

You can become staff at the wiki by editing frequently and staying active. You never know; you could get it one day.

Why can't I edit some pages?

Some pages are vandalized so frequently that IPs, or Internet Protocol Addresses, cannot edit them. Others have been vandalized by new users repeatedly until they can only be edited by administrators. If you have a problem with not being able to edit a page, please contact an administrator.

What can be another sign, aside from the ones mentioned at the first question, that I can get an administrating position (being a sysop)?

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