Not to be confused with the St. Patrick Fridge that the challenge was focused on

Fridge Madness was a global challenge in Pocket God Facebook in honor of St. Patrick's Day involving the St. Pat Fridge. Because it was a worldwide challenge, it was issued to every player who logged on during the time it was running, that is, everyone played a part in beating it.


The Fridge Madness message was:

There's a brand-new Saint Patrick-fridge in the store, and it's full of root beer! Beat this challenge and keep it for free!

The goal was to keep the St. Pat Fridge by answering 100,000 requests from Pygmies for Root Beer. The loot to share was 500000 experience points and 12000000 Sacrifice Points.


When the challenge was beaten, the St. Patrick's Day fridge got to stay in the shop. Those who had gotten it for free got to keep it and anyone else wanting it (or a player with it on Sand Island but wanting it on a different island) has to pay 30 Bones.


  • This is the second challenge sent to all the players, the first one being the Fat Cupid Challenge
  • This is the second challenge ever to not involve any killing. The first was Mother Nature's challenge.
    • This challenge, thus, is the first that is sent all around the world and doesn't require killing.
  • This is the first challenge that requires the player to answer a specific grace request.

It is, so far, the only challenge that has not given an idol as a reward.

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