Frima Studio is a Canadian game developer. It was founded in Quebec City in the year 2003. Frima Studio develops in a lot of platforms including the web, mobile, handheld, iPhone, iPad and the TV.

Pocket God Facebook

Frima pocket god smaller

Frima Studio worked with Bolt Creative to make Pocket God Facebook. The game was released on the 30th of November 2010 for closed beta testing.

PoGo Modo

PoGo Modo is the Pocket God (Facebook) support person from Frima. He updates the fanpage and answers the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Pocket God Facebook.

PoGo Modo's Facebook profile can be reached here. Visit the fanpage at this link and the FAQ at this one.

Other Games

Other games that Frima Studio have made include:

  • Zombie Tycoon


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