Gem-Cell Research is the seventh comic series of the Pocket God Comics. This story arc encompasses comic issues 15-19.


This story arc is focused in the events after Newbie smashed the Jewel of Life and the Pygmies returned to the girls' island. The two tribes work as one to repair the girls' jewel, but they will have to face many problems and dangers before they complete their mission, like a giant seaweed monster and the Laser Shark.


Part 1


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The comic stars with the two tribes arriving to the girls' island. Booga comments that the island is decent and he could stay there, but Klik says that the boys' tribe will only stay until the Jewel of Life is repaired. Klak is thirsty and Teela explains that they distill their water to remove the salt. Nooby then announces that he is "distinkling" in the ocean, and Ooga remarks that he will not be drinking the water. Ooga and Sun begin to argue over their tribes' different methods of doing things, so Dooby goes to meditate. Linsee goes to the coconut tree (for coconut milk); Nooby asks to tag along and he creates a female version of Wilson.

Admitting that he is tired and thirsty, Ooga asks Sun for some distilled water, to which she agrees to give him some on the condition that he doesn't make Teela give a lecture on the distillation process. Klik tells Teela to ignore Ooga, remarking that he would love to hear about distillation and get a drink. A parched Ooga shouts that he wants to learn about distillation as well and runs after the two, but before they can leave, Klak vomits due to dehydration - and Ooga finds his missing hair bone. Moon grabs Klak's hand and drags him away, saying she'll take care of him, leaving Sun and Ooga behind. As Sun and Ooga head off, Booga attempts to make conversation with Kinsee, inquiring as to what the "dames" enjoy doing on the island; offended by being called a "dame" and by Booga's rank body odor, Kinsee storms off.

Elsewhere, Ooga finds a new hair bone and is using it to put his hair up again when Sun wonders aloud what Ooga will do while the boy tribe is staying on the girls' island. Ooga replies that he is going to construct a hut for his tribe. Sun offers to help, and Ooga accepts; the twosome set off, with Nooby staring at them as they retreat.

In Teela's hut, Klik compliments her vast assortment of gadgets and scientific findings. Teela blushes bashfully, believing that Klik is just flattering her, but he insists that he is extremely impressed. When he questions Teela about the amount of time it took to assemble everything, Teela responds by saying that she doesn't remember and that her memory is a bit blurry. Klik mentions that he has similar issues with memory, and Teela suggests that "it's a side effect of their own immortality". When Klik continues to rave profusely over Teela's magnificent collection, Teela admits that the others often make fun of her. On the beach, a dejected Nooby asks Booga how to attract Sun's attention, to which Booga tells Nooby to "give her the finer things in life"; however, Nooby misinterprets this and claims that he is "the best at find-her things".

In the meantime, Dooby is meditating when a giant seaweed monster emerges from the ocean behind him, but it disappears when the pygmy looks behind him. Meanwhile, Moon convices Klak to jump into a waterfall to get a drink, pointing out that he will die if he doesn't drink water soon. Klak protests, but he trips over a root and falls into the gorge; Moon appears to be impressed and comments to herself that she is going to enjoy having the guys' tribe staying on their island.

While Sun and Ooga are assembling a shelter for Ooga's tribe, Sun questions Ooga about his belief in the gods. They sit down to rest on a log, and Ooga tells her that he does believe in them, but that he does not think of them in the same light that Klik does. Sun wonders why the gods took away the girls' regeneration; Ooga replies, "What I've come to learn is that there's a big difference between what they actually do and what we think they do" (page 16). When Sun expresses her confusion, Ooga explains that he believes the gods to be responsible for both the good and the bad things that happen to them. When Klak regenerates behind them, Ooga demands what happened to Klak, to which Klak responds, "I got Mooned."

In the girls' hut, Klik and Teela create a plan to transfer the energy of the Jewel of Life's to gem from a Bubble Breather's mine. In order to accomplish this, they need to resize the gem. Unfortunately, this also means that they will have to obtain the laser from the Laser Shark. The comic finishes with Nooby finding stuff for Sun when the seaweed monster appears behind him.

Part 2

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This issue was released on May 10, 2012.

The comic starts with the seaweed monster trying to capture Nooby, who is as clueless as always, but Ooga calls to him that Klik is leaving. Nooby stops what he is doing and mutters to himself that Ooga will understand and still be his best friend when Sun chooses Nooby; as he treks towards the rest of the gang. The seaweed monster takes a swing at him, but Nooby misses it - without noticing, of course. Nooby races over to the others, where Klik is preparing to leave. In short, he tells the tribe that he is going to try to take the laser from the Laser Shark while surreptitiously packing the Gem of Life in his satchel. Ooga remarks that it's a more than a little dangerous, and asks him if he's just trying to impress Teela. Klik denies it, insisting that it's simply the right thing to do, as without it they have no way to repair the Jewel of Life. Booga approaches, announcing that he has the enormous fishing pole that Klik wanted; Moon snidely quips,"Figures. Boys are always obsessed with the size of their fishing poles." When Klik also reveals that Teela is going with him, Sun protests that it isn't safe for someone who can't regenerate. Klik is firm in his decision, promising that he won't allow any harm to come to Teela, who tells Sun that her engineering skills are needed to get the laser off the shark. Linsee, who is suffering from a hangover, attempts to take shelter in Klik's chum box from the light and sound. Ooga offers to come as well, saying that he is the best fisherman, but Klik declines, informing his tribemate that he is least concerned about the fishing aspect of the mission and that he doesn't want too much weight impairing the raft. Ooga gives Klik some last-minute fishing advice before Klik and Teela set sail.

Once they are out on the ocean, Teela comments that the day is very lovely; Klik agrees, telling his companion that he finds being out at sea soothing. Keen as ever, Teela inquires as to whether Klik's tribe had been struggling prior to getting involved with the girls' tribe. Klik replies that they had been stable and had had a purpose, but now he feels unsure. Teela surprises Klik by saying that his tribe has each other. When Klik asks her how she got so smart, Teela gives credit to evolution. The twosome are startled when a loud hiccup is emitted from the basket; the lid flies open to reveal a drunken, stunned Linsee curled up against Klak's corpse. Embarrassed, Klik explains that although he feels guilty about it, he is using Klak's corpse as shark bait, since the shark seems to have a taste for pygmy flesh. As he prepares the line for their task, Linsee staggers about, knocks the chum bucket off the raft, and generally makes a nuisance of herself. Teela, fed up with her antics, snaps a bracelet on her ankle and tells her that it will explode if she drinks coconut milk again. Dubious, Klik marvels that Linsee believes what Teela told her about the bracelet. Finally the Laser Shark takes the chum tugs on the line.

Back on the island, Moon convinces Klak to jump into a river full of barracudas, which of course kills him. Unfortunately, he regerates in the raft, falling on Klik, who is controlling the fishing pole, and knocks him unconscious. Klak is expressing his displeasure and offense at Teela and Klik using his body as bait, but tells Teela and Linsee to disregard what he said when he is killed by the shark's laser. The Laser Shark is about to escape, but Teela gets into the water to get the laser. Upon regaining consciousness, Klik realizes that Teela is in the water with the savage shark and frantically calls her name. Once Teela obtains the laser, Klik holds out his hand to help her back onto the raft.

Back on the beach, Nooby is searching for more "find-her things" - including a snake and the seaweed monster, the latter of which has caught Nooby.

Part Three


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Nooby is being attacked by the seaweed monster. The others hear Nooby's cries for help and rush to the beach to see what is going on. Thinking quickly, Ooga orders Sun to get the girls out of range of the monster. Sun hesitates, asking Ooga what he plans on doing; he tells her that he is going to do everything to keep the girls out of harm's way. As the girls retreat, Ooga instructs Dooby, the fastest of the guys, to run back to camp and retrieve as many spears as possible. Dooby sprints away, leaving Ooga and Booga to hold off the seaweed monster, which eats Nooby.

On the raft, Linsee spots the monster and believes that the coconut milk is causing her to hallucinate, but Klik sees the monster too and tells her that it is real. In a desperate attempt to save his friends, Klik picks up the laser and aims it at the monster.

Booga tells Ooga that he has an idea. Picking up Ooga, he hurls him at the monster and tells him to punch the beast in the jaw. This plan fails, and Ooga is crushed. Before the monster can reach Booga, Klik fires the laser, causing it to retreat into the ocean. Nooby and Ooga regenerate on the raft.

Upon reaching shore, Nooby hugs Booga, much to the latter's disgust. Ooga expresses surprise and admiration when Klik shows him the laser. Klik asks Ooga what the monster was, but Ooga says that he doesn't know and that he did not have time to react when it showed up. Klik assures him that he used good judgement when it came, commenting that Ooga had been prudent in getting the girls out of the way first. Ooga says that if Klik hadn't come along with the laser, everyone would probably have died; he declares that the tribes should be more organized. Sun puts in that everyone should train so they can defend themselves, and Ooga concedes, saying that it is an excellent idea.

A little while later, Sun and Ooga are sparring together with wooden staffs. Ooga taunts Sun, saying that her performance is passable for a girl. Sun uses her staff to trip Ooga; as he falls to the ground, Sun remarks, "If you spent half as much time working on your skills as you did your ego, you might get your butt kicked less." Ooga retorts that he'll keep that in mind the next time he lets someone believe they have the advantage. He rolls Sun over and winds up straddling her. Booga clears his throat and tells the two of them that the situation is awkward for the spectators. Climbing off of Sun, Ooga nervously babbles that he and Sun are just doing some friendly sparring. Kinsee remarks that if that was sparring, she no longer wants to participate in training. Sun snaps at Kinsee to be quiet, since she is supposed to be training, not talking.

Ooga and Sun set up a game of capture-the-coconut, with Booga and Dooby on one team and Moon and Klak on another. Booga scoffs, boasting that winning against Klak and Moon will be too easy. Angered, Moon defends Klak, saying that he is a better pygmy than Booga will ever be. Klak thanks her but tells her that he doesn't believe that what she says is true, but Moon barks at him to be confident. She and Booga lunge for the coconut, but it is knocked away from both of them. Klak catches the coconut, much to his amazement, but Booga and Dooby corner him at the edge of a cliff, demanding that he hand the coconut over. Moon climbs up to a tree branch, saying that even if she and Klak can't win as a team they can still win. She swings down from a vine hanging from the branch, snatches the coconut from Klak, and knocks the three boys over the edge.

After observing the game, Ooga and Sun analyze what they saw. Booga is physically strong but didn't make the most of Dooby's swiftness. Moon is brave and bold, but because she cannot regenerate, there are limits on what she is able to do. Klak has hidden strengths, and because he is often viewed as a klutz, he has an element of surprise. Linsee is a skilled climber; Teela and Klik are very intelligent. Kinsee could be a good fighter, but she is stubborn and too independent; Toola lacks obvious skill in fighting. Overhearing the discussion, Nooby asks what his special skill is and if he can provide shade for Sun. Unsure of what else to tell Nooby, Ooga says that Nooby's job is to keep his "coco and nut friend" out of danger. At the end of the training session, Ooga and Sun concede that the others did fairly well.

In Teela's lab, Klik and Teela are poring over the gem. After precisely positioning the gem, Klik fires the laser at one of the pieces of sea glass. The laser beam is redirected to many different pieces of sea glass, losing strength in the process. Klik repositions one of the shards of sea glass, and the laser beam grazes the gem, cutting off a piece of it.

Proud of their success, Teela and Klik decide to have a party. Seeing Kinsee sitting alone, Booga offers to keep her company; Kinsee rudely rejects him, saying she'd "have more intelligent conversation with a clamped up quahog". Booga asks her why she is always so mean to him, and she justifies her actions by saying that he is annoying. Feeling insulted, Booga stomps off to dance with Toola.

On the beach, Nooby jealously watches Sun chatting with Ooga, disappointed that his efforts to win her over have failed. Nooby wonders if he is not handsome or footsome enough and thinks that maybe he is ugly outside and in. Linsee overhears what Nooby is saying. It is unknown what she thinks.

As Klik compliments Teela on her ingenious work, Linsee makes her way into the lab. In an attempt to remove the bracelet from her ankle, she tries to blast it off with the laser. Unfortunately, this effort goes terribly awry: The laser beam hits Teela and kills her; Klik screams in horror and grief as she drops to the ground. It is unknown whether or not she will be saved.

Part Four


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Klik kneels at Teela's side as she whispers that her eyes are getting heavy and it is getting dark. Toola rushes up to her and begs her to stay with them. Ooga asks Klik what he can do, and Klik instructs him to bring the laser, the old gem fragments, and the new gem. Sun offers to accompany Ooga, who accepts; Nooby offers to come as well, but Ooga tells him to stay put and dashes off with Sun. Klik then tells Moon and Klak to get a pedestal for the new gem.

Back at the lab, Linsee is pondering framing Nooby for blasting the hole in the wall when Sun and Ooga burst in. An angry Sun snatches the laser from Linsee, screaming that she has no idea what she's done. Linsee tries to defend herself by dismissively saying that the hole will provide good ventilation. Once Ooga has gathered everything, he and Sun run back to Klik; Sun shouts over her shoulder that she and Linsee will have a serious talk later, but that Linsee needs to come with them for now.

Teela is weakening when Sun, Ooga, Moon, and Klak return. Booga, following orders from Klik, sets up the pedestal by Teela's head. Klik then instructs the girls to join hands and huddle around Teela, and the boys to stand back because their imprint and the girls' cannot coexist in the same space. Linsee arrives, and Sun yells at her to get in the circle. Klik fires the laser to destroy the gem fragments. At first the energy transfer appears to work; then the new gem splits in half. Klik sobs over the gem; Ooga attempts to comfort him, saying that he had done everything in his power, but Klik argues that Teela would have lived if that was so. He cradles Teela's limp body in his arms and announces that the tribes will have a funeral for her.

Linsee retreats up her coconut tree, lamenting, saying that she should have died. When Sun comes to talk to her, she refuses to climb down, so Sun joins her in the tree. Linsee says that she is undeserving of pity and that she instead deserves permanent death, causing Sun to cuff her on the head. Though Sun points out that Linsee killed Teela by accident, Linsee still feels guilty, especially since Teela gave her the anklet for her own good. Sun embraces her and tells her that death is new for all of them and that she is needed because she is part of the tribe, adding that the laser shooting should be left to the sharks.

Klak and Moon are picking flowers in a field. Klak offers to finish gathering the flowers on his own so Moon can join her tribe, but Moon declines, saying that the work is keeping her mind occupied. Klak disturbs a carnivorous plant, but Moon drags him out of the way before it can eat him. Surprised, Klak incredulously says that he thought Moon liked danger; she replies that she doesn't anymore, and that Teela's death has taught her to appreciate the people she cares about. Klak blushes, and Moon threatens to punch him if he tells anyone what she said.

Ooga finds Klik at the lab. Klik tells Ooga that Teela built the whole lab herself, and Ooga says that she was a special Pygmy. Tears streaming down his face, Klik tells Ooga that he doesn't think he can preside over the funeral and asks how the tribes will be able to make it through the pain. Ooga replies that Teela would have wanted them to. When Linsee requests to speak with Klik, Ooga departs, saying that he'll tell the others that Klik and Linsee will come soon.

Linsee is about to tell Klik that she was the one responsible for all of the pain when he interrupted her and said that she wasn't the one worth to blame for, but him. Linsee keeps telling him that she was the one responsible for Teela's death but Klik contrasts as he rips off his flower necklace by telling her that he shouldn't be celebrating, because he thinks that if they continued the process, Teela would be still alive and the girls' gem should be fixed by now. Linsee continues to blame herself by stating that she fired the laser; Klik continues that he was the one who brought it to camp in the first place. Linsee states that he didn't do anything wrong and that he was trying to help her tribe, then she couldn't say anything anymore. They look at each other and go out of the lab together to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, at the funeral, Klik tells everyone about how Teela had a real connection with him although she and Klik were together for a short period of time as he lays a rose on Teela, whose corpse is now wrapped with seaweed. Klak disagrees on the connection thing and Klik apologizes. Nooby thinks that Teela was just having the best nap, so he tries to imitate her and states his thought. Ooga pulls him away, telling Nooby that she wasn't napping. Klik states that he and Teela bonded because they shared a similar interest of science and shared something to each other that they would never thought of, which is an escape of having to be with each other (in other words, the celebration). But he sadly adds that it cost her life.

Sun states that nobody thinks that he was responsible for Teela's death, but Klik looks at the sky and states that he is. He was about to add a reason, but he pauses when he sees a gray thunder cloud nearby. He said that he didn't saw a cloud a minute ago and that he thought that it was a beautiful day for such a sad occasion. Dooby then says that the cloud is a way for the universe to shed its tears and to show that it's alright to cry. Klik, however, doesn't support the statement and thinks that something bad is coming.

As said, trouble indeed come. The seaweed monster returned, with a hole on its stomach from the previous issue. The monster uproots a tree and tosses it toward the pygmies, but they make a run for it. Ooga says that Sun and her tribe should find a safe place to lie. She points at a cave on the waterfall as a suggestion. Ooga agrees and commands her to retreat her tribe and herself to the said place as he dodges a gigantic rock. Before Sun leaves, Ooga tells her to be careful.

When the girls are heading to retreat, Booga theorizes that the monster is upset because of the hole that Klik made from the previous issue. Klik then tries to inspect the hole to see what angers him, but Ooga stops him by hand. He, Ooga, tells Klik that he wasn't able to join the training session (because he and Teela were busy fixing the gem), so Ooga and the others would be the ones to deal with the monster. Klik grunts a little that he isn't useless, then Ooga contrasts by stating that he didn't even mentioned it and pushes Klik away after adding that he is the "brains", so the "brawns" (Ooga and the others) would be the ones to fight.

Nooby asks if he should catch a jungle turkey, wherein Ooga used the said animal as an islander idiom. Ooga pushes him as well, stating that Nooby should let the "big kids" handle the fight. Nooby then states that he is also not useless. Ooga then scolds Nooby to protect Wilson, where the latter pygmy runs to get Wilson when he nearly gets hit by the seaweed monster. After that, Ooga begins to assign roles for Booga, Dooby and Klak. First, Dooby gets the role of being the one to use the slingshot. Second, Klak gets the "kamikaze duty", wherein his objective is to rain down on the monster from a tree to block its sight. Lastly, Booga is told to "treat that thing's legs as punching bags". Everyone agrees and the issue ends with a starting battle scene.

Part Five


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The issue begins with Dooby attacking the monster, but he is revealed to be sympathetic about the monster, stating that he could not speak for the others but forgives "him" of his actions. The monster attacks, but Dooby dodges the attack by yet another somersault. When he lands, he fires another rock and states that it's the only way to find peace. Klak disagrees and says that peace will come after the battle, then he jumps off the tree and toward the monster. He lands on its head and Ooga, who is now holding a spear, tells him to hold on to it as Klik watches. Klak retorts that it is "slipperier than a snail's butt" and tries to hold on. Thankfully though, he thinks of punching it and firmly gripe on it.

Booga then remarks his punch and proudly says that he's nowhere near to "one of his (Booga) haymakers". He then proceeds to punch the monster's legs, which makes it stagger slowly and backwards, toward a cliff. Klak then looks below and says that one more punch can do the trick. At the last minute, Klak, with some leftover seaweed on his hands, is grabbed by the monster. Then the monster swings Klak toward Booga and Dooby, with the former able to dodge and the latter being hit. The monster then drops Klak off the cliff, silently quoting "Aw shoot". Ooga is then shocked and prepares to attack using the spear, while Klak regenerates beside Klik. Klik tries to stop him, but the attempt is unsuccessful. Ooga then tries to stab the monster by the spear, but it snapped into half. Ooga, with a look of surprise, couldn't believe that the spear broke and thinks that it was like hitting a rock. Then he was crushed by the monster, again.

Klak heads toward the battle scene again, stating that it's not rock but also not entirely seaweed. Booga encourages Dooby to give his best shots, but to his (Dooby) dismay, his "everything" cannot do anything at all. Then Klak gets yet an idea, gathers some confidence and asks Booga to toss him back at the monster. It is successful,for he landed right onto the face. Klak then told Dooby to use the slingshot to keep the monster's arms away from him. Klik is amazed both by Klak's confidence and the teamwork that he is seeing as Ooga pops back behind him. Ooga told him that Klik was the one who made them into a tribe, while Ooga just gave them direction.

In the fighting scene, it is yet only one more punch to go for the monster to fall off the cliff. Klak tells Booga to go for it, but Klak would surely go with the monster, according to Booga. But Klak is getting used to things like this and Booga proceeds to punch the leg. The monster falls off the cliff as Klak rides on it like a cowboy, literally.

Ooga then compliments their skills and Klak, during regeneration, questions whether his plan worked or not. Ooga says that Klak is here and Klik adds that the monster is not, so Ooga concludes that it did work. Moon then hugs Klak for his actions and denotes him to be "almost not lame at all". Booga then tries to get attention and admiration, only to be called "an eyesore" by Kinsee. Sun describes the whole fight as "not too shabby" and is impressed by the fact that the boys fought fo the girls. Ooga then smiles and blushes and says that he's getting pretty used to Sun being around. Sun states that Ooga sure knows how to flatter a girl. Due to lack of appreciation, Booga leaves, stating that he will find a rock to crawl under. But before he could finish his statement, he gets crushed by a large rock, thus making his statement a bit true.

It is revealed that the seaweed monster, who had maintained its physical appearance like before, is the one who threw the large rock. This shocks the pygmies and comes with another conclusion that the plan didn't succeeded. Before the remaining boys (Ooga, Dooby, Klik and Klak) could escape, the monster swings its arm toward them and temporarily knocks them out of consciousness. However, before getting knocked out, Ooga tells Sun and her tribe to evade from the monster. They are able to follow the instruction, but Kinsee gets captured for her hair seems to get tangled with the monster's seaweed on its arm. Sun turns around and shockingly notices this. She tells the rest of the girls to stay on their places. She brings out the upper half of the spear that Ooga had and jumps toward Kinsee to slice her bonytail. The two lands in one piece.

Sun then tells Kinsee to go with the others while she will hold it off, showing that Moon, Linsee and Toola ran ahead of the two. Kinsee seems to disagree with Sun, but she is forced to join the others. Sun is left facing the seaweed monster with great contempt.

Meanwhile, nearby the battle scene, the boys (including Booga, who may or may not have survived) regains consciousness, yet they still seem to be a bit dizzy. Ooga then asks what happened while he was out cold, yet he only gets a reply that the boys got drilled. Ooga then looks on to Sun in great worry as he questions about her plan.

A short battle begins. Sun dodges the monster's arm as it swings toward her. She then swings the upper spear half toward the monster, but it only affected the seaweed. Sun then gets swiped by the monster and traps her hands, wherein she is in a position of possibly getting crushed. Ooga becomes more distressed as he sees this. Kinsee turns around in worry to also see it. Sun sadly apologizes to Ooga for trying to hold the monster off. She then gets sliced in half. Ooga screams with a mixed feeling of sorrow and frustration, while Kinsee also does, yet with a shocked expression.

The monster's seaweed cloak gets few enough that Klik can recognize that the monster is a machine, which explains why the spear snapped into half. Ooga proceeds to attack the monster while Kinsee runs toward Sun. We can see that Ooga tackles one of the monster's legs while Kinsee retrieves Sun's corpse. She, Kinsee, laments that she should not have been rescued but killed instead. The boys, without Nooby, then attacks the monster, as Klik states that the monster is just after the girls, in which Ooga responds that the monster should not pass. Ooga then starts attacking the monster using the rock. Booga hurls him on the monster's head and bonks it, leaving it dazed. Ooga lands at one piece, telling the rest of the boys to keep it dazed. But before he could finish, the monster goes back to normal and knocks the boys out yet again out of consciousness.

Toola then yells at the remaining girls to run, for the monster's focus are now at them. Linsee leads the three girls to what she thinks as a vine covered hole, thus giving them time to get away while the monster gets tangled up. However, she is wrong and realized that she led them to a dead end as she opens up the vine curtain, revealing a rocky surface. The girls are now cornered with the monster as Moon states that it was nice knowing them all. But before the monster can make any attacks, two mysterious laser beams shoot the monster near the head. Ooga and the others (most of them are at the off-panel, but we can say that) looks on the source of the laser beams both with happiness and surprise.

It appears that the laser beams came from a fully alive Teela, who has wristbands. Sun and Nooby (with Wilson) are also with her. Ooga almost couldn't believe what he just saw and just utters "Sun". Sun then sarcastically and interrogatively remarks that she can't be killed that easily. Klik, who almost shared Ooga's reaction, questions about how the gem transfer worked with a split gem. Teela then answers that she guesses (scientifically) that the girls now have two gems (a half being with Teela and the other half being with Sun), but just needed recharge.

Moon asks Teela whether that means that the girls can regenerate again, and it is a yes. She uses the vines from the recent "dead end" and, with Booga's help, ties the monster onto a tree and holds the knot. It is revealed that the monster is controlled by a mysterious green gem. Ooga then tells Teela to destroy it with the laser, but the laser is not working. The monster then sets itself free from the vines, thus sending Booga (off-panel) and Moon (on the background in panel 5) flying off. Klik then thinks hard of a way to get the gem out, then he gets the idea of using Linsee, for her climbing abilities are better than the rest and that Klik thinks that she is good at climbing things other than trees. This surprises Linsee, but she does what is said. She quickly makes it on top of its head, but it is not immediately revealed whether she gets the gem or not. Linsee is then captured by the monster and tosses her away. She hits a large tree and reveals that she had the gem. The monster began to teeter and falls on the ground after the nearby pygmies evade.

The pygmies celebrate their victory over the monster. Klik and Teela then inspects of the newfound gem and its functions and origins. Klik states that the gem was used against them (which is a bit obvious). He wishes to know more about it, but he just doesn't (yet). Ooga then asks Sun, upon the topic of knowing things being brought up, on how she and Teela came back to life, as he thought that the said two were both permanently dead. Sun teases Ooga a little that he is "so" going to miss her, but his response is "whatever". Teela then tells everyone how her experience (the last minutes before her death, possibly during her death and her regeneration) was. She stated that she felt a surge of energy, yet not felt in her physical body. It might be that she meant the power that transferred to the new (now split) gem. She reveals that she had experiences as a ghost (may or may not be the meaning of her second statement). She then tells that she regenerated next to the gem and started looking around camp (because of everyone's absence) until she located Sun with the other half of the gem. Teela adds that she was filled in by Sun regarding the events with the monster. Nooby then butts in and states that he also filled in the two girls on stuff about Wilson. After that, the trio made their way to the scenario with the laser.

Klik is stunned by the rule change of the gem transfer and denotes it as fascinating. Linsee and Teela hugged again, as the former apologizes for accidentally almost killing the latter. Teela reveals to Linsee that the anklet was fake and that none of this would happen if she didn't tricked Linsee. Teela then compensates for Linsee by saying that it's much her fault as Linsee's. Linsee then gets confused and surprised by hearing that the anklet was fake all along.

Ooga admits to Sun that he would have missed her if she died permanently as he blushes and smiles. Behind Ooga, we can see that Nooby is jealous by this. Sun and Ooga then hugs, with Sun saying the same. Nooby runs away and states that nobody misses him but one. The issue and the story arc ends with Klik looking up at the silhoutte of the cloud seen on the funeral on issue 18, stating that there is something else coming that may or may not have something to do with the universe, answering Dooby's question.