The Giant Ape, or Giant Gorilla, is a large, Pygmy-eating primate that inhabits the jungles surrounding Ape Mountain. It was first introduced in Ep 33: A Pygmy A Day Keeps The Ape Away.

Pocket God

Ape Sacrifice

The Giant Ape only appears when a Pygmy is sacrificed. You can sacrifice a Pygmy on Ape Mountain by having a Possessed Pygmy winching it up on the sacrificial altar with the winch and having another Possessed Pygmy play the bongo drums. The Giant Ape will come and eat the Pygmy, and then wait for more food to be winched up. If a Pygmy is winched too hard, however, the islander will be torn apart and the Ape, in a rage, will crush the Pygmies at the winch and the bongo drums. The Giant Ape also dances to the bongo drum music.

Boss Battle

Before the episode came out, it was expected that the Giant Ape would include a boss battle. It may have one in upcoming episodes, but as of now, this is just speculation.

Pocket God Comics


Giant Apes attacking in the comics

The Giant Ape is found in Issue 2 of the Pocket God Comics the "Gem of Life" series. They attack when the Pygmies wander into their territory and though Nooby thinks they want to cuddle with the Pygmies. They end up killing Klik, with the only thing found of him being his leg bone.


  • The term "ape" is a generic term used to describe chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, but the Giant Ape bears the most similarity to a gorilla.
  • The Giant Ape was expected to be the focus of the Ape Mountain Trilogy, but it is only the focus of the first; the second concerns Monkeys and the third concerns Konkey Dong.
  • The Giant Ape may be based on King Kong.
  • The Giant Ape has idle actions: licking his lips and pounding his chest.