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A Giant Pygmy is an alternate Pygmy form found in Pocket God Facebook. They were first introduced in Facebook Ep. 7: Supersize PygMe.

How to Create It

The Giant Pygmy is made when a Pygmy eats a Magic Mushroom. The Pygmy will then be stretched, pulled, and inflated until he or she grows to the large size. If the Giant Pygmy eats another Magic Mushroom, however, he or she will shoot into the sky, rapidly deflating while it zooms around the island, and then land back down, dead.

Difference with Normal Pygmies


I'm giant. I like it that way.

The only main diffrence from a normal Pygmy to a Giant Pygmy is its size, which, hence the name is way bigger. However, Giant Pygmies can also be struck by Lightning, be drowned, flicked into the distance (or into the Volcano), get caught in hurricane, and perform the required actions at certain moon phases, but cannot drink from the Cocodrink Fridge (it being too small), relax in the Hot Spring, or have a Shark dropped on them, as the Shark would be far too small to grab onto that large of a Pygmy head. Giant Pygmies are also incapable of using any weapons.


Other Giant Pygmies


  • Giant

    A normal Pygmy (left) compared to a Giant Pygmy (right)

    The Pocket Blog mentions that Bolt Creative couldn't do this enlarging of Pygmies on the iPhone version because of graphic size constraints.
  • To stop a Pygmy from growing, just pick it up while its growing. Simple.
  • When the Giant Pygmy is slammed down to earth after eating another mushroom, he or she is back to normal size.
    • This is probably because one mushroom causes you to be filled with air, making you larger. But the second mushroom cause you to loose A LOT of air, making you smaller but fly around the island, slamming in the ground. It is similar to a balloon.
  • If you feed a tar-covered pygmy magic mushrooms, it turns into a Tar Covered Giant Pygmy.
  • Giant Pygmies can interact with some things like Fire Ants which will leave a large pygmy skeleton. It cannot interact with Hot Springs, Tar Pits and Fridges.
    • It is rather strange that giant pygmies can't interact with tar pits, since most predator trap victems were larger then today's African elephants.
    • The Magic Mushroom is a homage to New Super Mario Bros.' "Mega Mushroom."
    • The Giant Pygmy cannot make the volcano erupt in one hit, even though it has 3 times the size of a regular Pygmy.
    • When dropped in the water on Jungle Island, the Piranhas are large and so is the Pygmy skull.