Giant tick

The tick biting its victim, Booga.

The Giant Tick was a hostile insect that attacked Booga in the Pocket God comics.


The tick is about half the size of the pygmies and about the size of a pygmy's head. It is crimson in color and has eight legs, like a spider. But this makes it more likely considered as an arachnid, not an insect. It also has red eyes, as well as a mouth for sucking blood. After it absorbs a large amount of blood from its victim, the tick becomes morbidly obese in size.


Pocket God Comics

Its first (and only) appearance was in the second issue. Booga was bitten by the tick on page 17. He at first looks strange because of Klik's death, but as the comic progresses, Booga remains pale and sluggish. He became very ill and began sweating, and it was believed that he pinched a nerve in his back when running from the gorillas. It is then discovered on page 20 that it was actually a tick that was sucking Booga's blood. Shocked, Ooga forcefully rips the tick off of him, leaving the hurt pygmy with a gaping wound. Then Ooga pounces the tick to kill it, bursting it, and covering the entire tribe with Booga's blood head-to-toe. Even after the insect was taken off of him, Booga was still weak & hurt from his extreme blood-loss, plus cannot think well until he died from a giant snake.


  • The tick has some side-effects after it harms a victim. Some symptoms are included:

The victim becomes utterly weak from suffering extreme blood-loss, making him/her seem vulnerable to any form of threat.

The victim cannot think very well.

The victim probably will not be able to move.

  • It seems that the tick preferably sucks the most blood out of sensitive areas of the body, presumably parts that control voluntary muscles, which probably explains why Booga was not able to move after he was bitten.

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