A Gift

For the gifts present in Pocket God iOS, see Gifts.
For the gifts present in Pocket God Facebook, see Thought Bubble#Pocket God Facebook.

Gifts are limited-time items exclusive to Pocket God Facebook.

The Gift Box

The Christmas Tree will cough up a gift box after devouring a Pygmy. If a Pygmy approaches a gift box, it will be filled with exuberance, dancing and screaming alongside the crimson cube. It will then open the gift, only to receive a nasty surprise. If a Pygmy asks for a gift and receives one, the player will receive one point of Energy.

Sacrificing Pygmies

When a Pygmy encounters a gift box, the cap of the cube will launch upwards, burning the Pygmy to death. The box top will then land next to the Pygmy's ashes. This sacrifice awards 6 Experience and 50 Sacrifice Coins.

Limited Time

The Christmas Tree was available from the beginning of Pocket God Facebook to February 4th, 2011. The next Christmas update for Pocket God Facebook reintroduced the Christmas Tree, which was available for purchase until January 10th, 2012.

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  • This grace is practically useless, since the Pygmy gets sacrificed anyway and you lose the point of energy you just got.