Not to be confused with the limited-time Gifts in the Facebook version, a grace item given by the Christmas Tree

In Pocket God, you can give Pygmies gifts. These reward the Pygmies and improve their mood. Their polar opposite are sacrifices.

Pocket God

List of Gifts

These are all the gifts currently available in Pocket God:

  • Eat Coconut - Feed a Pygmy a coconut.
  • Eat Fish - Feed a Pygmy a fish.
  • Catch Fish - Let a Pygmy catch a fish with the fishing rod.
  • Eat Cooked Fish - Feed a Pygmy a cooked fish.
  • Drop Kids Off at Pool - Let a Pygmy use the outhouse.
  • Gift of Dance - Make the Pygmies dance.
  • Eat Cooked Bird - Feed a Pygmy a cooked dodo bird.
  • Gift of Zombie Dance - Make the Zombie Pygmies dance.
  • Become Ghost - Let a Pygmy become a Ghost Pygmy.
  • Go Into The Light - Drag a Ghost Pygmy into the light.
  • Catch Sword Fish - Let a Pygmy catch a swordfish with the fishing rod.
  • Eat Banana - Feed a Pygmy a banana.


  • The gifts' names are officially named on Pocket God's leaderboard section of OpenFeint.

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