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Pygmies are dead at this "story" time.

Glitches are system errors and faults that occur in Pocket God, Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, and in Pocket God Facebook. Even in Pocket God: Ooga Jump. They are errors in the game that were not intended by the programmers, Bolt Creative, and include incorrectly displayed graphics, collision detection errors, game freezes/crashes, sound issues, and other problems. This category is a following list of some of the glitches that occur in each of the four Pocket God-related games.


  • During the beta testing of the game, glitches are usually located and then told to the programmers, Dave and Allan.
  • There are still unknown glitches with unknown causes (see the photograph at the right side).
  • Perhaps the most infamous glitch in Pocket God was when Ep. 43 was released and the Battle of the Gods mini-game was slowed down from 10 to 20 seconds after selecting an idol and pressing the Go! button. Thus the progress of leveling up idols was brought to a grinding halt until Ep. 44 was released.
  • Gliches can occur in all Pocket God games.