The Glow Fish is a device which was introduced in Facebook Ep. 11 1/2: Visit Your Friends!


Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 6.09.05 PM

Glow Fish

The Glow Fish acts almost exactly a normal fish that can be caught by the Fishing Rod. It replaces the usual blue and orange fish.


The fish can be bought for 20 Bones and builds in 4 hours.

Interactions with Pygmies

The Glow Fish will bounce instead of fish slap when dropped on a Pygmy. It has a rather amusing affect when eaten. making the Pygmy glow, at which point the Pygmy will become happily surprised. He/she will then smile and then act like a normal Pygmy. The Glow Fish costs 8 Bonesand takes 4 hours to build. The Glow Fish also makes a brief appearance in Pocket God Facebook when the player drags a Bomb Fruit into the water. There is an explosion, formerly, two blue fish, a green fish, and an orange Fishfloat up dead. This used to just be the fish that appeared, but later one of the blue fish was taken away and the Glow Fish was soon added (when exactly is not known). After the explosion the fish then sink back down.


Dead Glow Fish

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