God Island (with Abyss God challenge activated)

God Island, also known as Island of the Gods, is an area in Pocket God that was introduced in Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods.


It is the 8th area to be added to the Pocket God World, and many of the global interactions from other islands are available here as well. However, its island-specific interactions include 4 pedestals and a temple door, the functions of which are explained below.


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It is mentioned that "God Island" is the island in which the Pygmies travel to in issue 1 of the Pocket God Comics to the temple to have an encounter with the gods.


From the map, it is a sort of boomerang-shaped island located around the Volcano in the ocean of Pocket God. The island is made out of large stones, rock, and various pieces of vegetation growing on it. The most striking features are the four golden pedestals and a golden circular doorway.

Island-Specific Interactions

Idol Selection

The player can select which four God idols they wish to place on the pedestals.


Once you have 4 god idols unlocked, you can place them on the pedestal to open the door which leads to the battle arena. As of "Challenge of the Gods", this area was simply a dark area with light coming in from the open door. 6 words float in the air, reading "Next Episode: Battle of the Gods". The Pygmy dropped in here looks up at in awe as it stands on a yellow-tannish tiled floor. After "Battle of the Gods" was released, it was swapped with the battle arena. If a Pygmy is placed on one of the pedestals, his eyes will turn white and their grass skirt and hair will be blown with wind form the pedestal. If the pedestal is pressed, the Pygmy will sing a certain pitch, allowing the player to experiment with certain patterns of singing Pygmies.

Global Interactions

Like all the other islands, the global interactions are Storm Clouds, Shark, Dodo Bird, Cracks, The Runs, and Charlie.


Like the other islands, God Island has the Dodo Bird and the Shark. The only specific wildlife on this island is the Snake and the Fishing Rod (and thus the Fish) cannot be toggled on in this location.


  • Oddly there is a Fish swimming in the water but you cannot fish it with the Fishing Rod.
  • When its night on the Island the little red star in the Sky goes right under a tree branch making it look like a piece of fruit on the branch.