Gravity in the iPod version

Gravity is the power to hold an object down by the Earth's magnetic pull.

Pocket God

In the Pocket God World, the player can rearrange the gravity of the islands by making it pulls down (normal), to the side, or upside-down (in the picture). The player must simply turn the iPod or device to the direction of desire and the gravity will change to move the pygmies. If the player allows the gravity to pull to the side, the pygmies will fall into the water and drown. If the player leaves gravity upside-down, the pygmies will fly into the sky and not return until spawned again.

Pocket God (Facebook)


Gravity in the Facebook version

Because Pocket God (Facebook) is on the computer, the player can clearly not tilt the device to administer gravitational effects to the Pygmies. So, the creators have made a gravity tilter (seen in the picture to the right) which the player may grab onto and tilt it for the gravity to change. Also, gravity, like all the other god powers in the shop, may be toggled off. The rival god that represents gravity is The Yoga Master.

Immune to Gravity Glitch


A pygmy walking down the screen due to the glitch.

If you put a pygmy in the Cocodrink Fridge or St. Pat Fridge, turn the gravity upside down very quickly and get the pygmy out of the fridge before the fridge stops shaking, that pygmy becomes immune to gravity.

When the gravity is upside-down and the Hot spring is active, the immune pygmies may walk straight down the screen and disappear. If pygmies are in the Hot Spring, they will disappear if the Hot Spring is deactivated.

A variation of this glitch occurs when Pygmies are gazing at the Sunset. Some become immune to gravity. In fact, most animations (i.e. fighting with a weapon) can render the pygmy immune to gravity.

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