Green Dragon

The Green Dragon is a species of Dragon on the planet of Uranus. Pygmies are able to ride on it.



The Green Dragon has scaly green skin, brown eyes, a spike on its tail and wears a red saddle on its back that a Pygmy can ride on. It also carries a lance, but it doesn't do anything.


The Green Dragon is the last of its kind, a peaceful species of dragon, and is the only hope at stopping the evil Red Dragons.


When you put a Pygmy on the Green Dragon it initiates a mini-game called Dragons on Uranus. Here, as a Pygmy you press the screen to flag the dragon's wings and attack Red Dragons from above. Also, flying into a Ghost Pygmy will give you extra life, but don't fly into the Uranian Gas or the Uranian Gas Worms.


  • It is one of the three species of Dragon in "Journey to Uranus"
  • There are no dragons in the Pocket God World, but technically Uranus is not part of the Pocket God World.
  • The Green Dragon could be parody of a skylander from the Skylanders series of games.
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