Ice ball

A hail stone falling from the sky

Hailstorm is a god power exclusive to Pocket God Facebook. It is available at Level

15 for 10,000 Sacrifice Points.


How to Activate It

You must activate Storm Clouds to use this power. In addition, lightning must be turned off. When the power is turned on, little pieces of hail will fall from the sky, that dosen't affect anything around it. But, when the player drags a dark cloud like the lightning power, a large chunk of hail will fall.

Sacrificing Pygmies


The Hailstorm

Although there are little chunks of hail falling at all times, the pygmies aren't affected by them. They are only affected by the large hail stones, which are created when the player drags the mouse from the storm clouds. The large chunks of hail will land on a Pygmy (or groups of Pygmies) and murder them instantly.


The rival god that represents hail is Stormy the Snowman. Also, if a player throws a hail stone at the side of the screen, the hail will bounce off and, if close enough, strike a pygmy. Lastly, as of Facebook Ep. 4: Dressed To Kill, when a hail rock hits the ground or a pygmy, dirt will spring up and it will leave an large indent in the ground for a few seconds.


  • Only found in Pocket God Facebook, it is one of the two interactions storm clouds have with the Pygmies