A Half Pygmy is an alternate Pygmy form in Pocket God. It was introduced in Ep 38: Two and a Half Pygmies.


Half pygmies

Half-pygmies in the game

The Half Pygmy looks like a normal Pygmy, except it is missing its body from the belly down. When it jumps around the screen you can see its underside which is red muscle with a White Spine in the middle.

How to Create one

A Half Pygmy can be created by having Charlie on any island with a normal Pygmy. When the Pygmy goes near Charlie, Charlie will turn into a Tiger and will say "I have tiger blood and Adonis DNA!" and cut the Pygmy in half, turning it into a Half Pygmy. Charlie must be facing the pygmy, but the Pygmy can look in either direction. Do not tap on either pygmy, because that will terminate the resulting action.


Half pygmy drop
  • The Half Pygmy can't perform many normal Pygmy actions, as it is missing its legs, but it can hop around the island, with a slight squishing sound. Several sacrifices, like burning over a fire, don't work.
  • If dropped on Pygmies, it will envelop the normal pygmy, gaining the previous pygmy's legs. A half-pygmy will not envelop another half-pygmy.
  • If dropped on Charlie, however, he will blast the half-pygmy into the sky (like he does with the shark) saying one of his catchphrases. "If you borrow my brain for 5 seconds, you'd be like 'Dude, can't handle it!'"
  • When either an infected or purified Pygmy is cut in half, the infection/purification will persist and pass on to another Pygmy's body regardless of whether it was previously infected, purified or neither.

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  • The Pygmy form (and the episode title) are a reference to the TV series Two and a Half Men, which was starring Charlie Sheen.
  • Half Pygmies are not affected by gravity.
  • Tiger Charlie can only slice one Pygmy at a time.
  • If the challenge for Ep 38 is activated, pulling the victim away from Charlie before the resulting animation saves the Pygmy but still counts towards the "Charlie turns into a tiger and cuts Pygmy in half" task.