The Halloween Skin Pack was the second extra set that the player could purchase for 99 cents. It came out after the T-Rex Skin Pack. As its name suggests, the modifications included in this pack are Halloween and horror-themed.

Customizable Changes

  • Meteor - becomes a round skull (see picture), tilted "Skull".
  • Moon - becomes a full moon with a face in it (see picture), titled "Man in the Moon".
  • Sand Island Statue - becomes a bat-like creature statue (see picture), titled "Bat Statue".
  • Underwater Statue - becomes a vicious-looking octopus skeleton, titled "Skull Creature".
  • T-Rex Egg - becomes an orange Jack-O-Lantern with a scared face on it, titled "Jack-O-Lantern".
  • Volcano - becomes a devilish face with orange eyes, horns, and teeth rising out of the water (see picture), titled "Volcano of Death".
  • Dodo Bird - becomes a skeleton of its former self (see picture), titled "Dead Dodo".
  • Fish - becomes a fish skeleton, with the same concept as the dead dodo in the picture,tiltled "Skeleton Fish".
  • Doodler - this character in Ooga Jump becomes a skeleton Doodler, similar to the Dead Dodo, titled "Skeleton Doodler".
  • All islands (excluding the Underwater location) become covered with pumpkins (see picture), tiltled "Halloween Extras".