Hammer is the god of Ep 36: Konkey Dong and first appeared in Ep 39: Challenge Of The Gods.


Hammer is a Pick Axe on a pedestal. There seems to be some moss growing on the pedestal.


  • Put Pygmy in Konkey statue's grip. (Find the statue with a firm grip.)
  • Pygmy kidnapped from the grip of statue. (Witness a kidnapping.)
  • Play the Konkey Dong mini-game. (Jump and climb your way.)
  • Pygmy killed by Boulder in Konkey Dong. (Watch for falling rocks.)
  • Pygmy killed by beetle in Konkey Dong. (Am I bugging you?)
  • Fall off Konkey Dong level. (It's a long way down!)
  • Use the pick axe in Konkey Dong. (Hammer time!)
  • Bounce off the back of the beetle in Konkey Dong. (Get off my back!)
  • Jump over beetle in Konkey Dong. (Pass the beetle.)
  • Jump over the boulder in Konkey Dong. (Don't get run over.)
  • Hit the beetle with the pick in Konkey Dong. (Destroy the beetle.)
  • Crush boulder with pick in Konkey Dong. (Crush it!)

Level Up Tasks

  • Get good scores in the Konkey Dong mini-game.
  • Bounce on the back of the beetle in Konkey Dong.

Battle Info

  • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a spiked Bone Skull shield and a tan sword.
  • On the attack, the Pygmy marches forward and slashes with his sword.
  • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A large brown monster wraps its tongue around the Pygmy, shakes him a few times, and then devours him.
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols +4300 points toward Level Up.

Level Stats

Level Health Damage Tie Damage for 3 Turns
1 20 20 40
2 40 40 80
3 60 60 120
4 80 80 160
5 100 100 200
6 120 120 240
7 140 140 280
8 160 160 320
9 180 180 360
10 200 200 400
11 220 220 440
12 240 240 480
13 260 260 520
14 280 280 560
15 300 300 600
16 320 320 640
17 340 340 680
18 360 360 720
19 380 380 760
20 400 400 800


  • The Hammer is the first tool in Pocket God to have a God Idol.
  • While the Hammer is a tool itself, but since it came with the Konkey Dong Mini-Game, it would stand to reason that it would be included in the Animus Realm.
  • It would also stand to reason that since Ep 33: A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away came out before Ep. 36 and the Gorilla God is the God for Ep 33, the god for Ep 36 would have to be something entirely different that is not another gorilla.
  • Even though the Laser Shark God and the Hammer from Level 1-20 share the same Attack Tie Damage in their stats, the Hammer when it beats a Counter type enemy it does more damage than the Laser Shark God.

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