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Hanucoconut is a holiday possibly celebrated in the Pocket God World.

Nooby and coco

Nooby wishing viewers a Hanucoconut


The term "Hanucoconut" was first mentioned in the Pocket God Fishmas holiday special by Nooby when he holds up a spiky Coconut. It was included in the Fishmas Skin Pack in the Fishmas Carol that the Pygmy's sing.

It was mentioned again by Nooby (and its correct spelling revealed) in the video previewing the "12 Days of Fishmas" carol added to the Fishmas skin pack for Christmas 2011.


  • The term "Hanu-coconut" is a pun on the holiday Hannukah. Similarly to the holiday of Fishmas, it is a portmanteau word of the holiday and a feature of the Pocket God World (a fish for Fishmas and a coconut for Hanu-coconut).

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